• Rosa Dal Bosco

What to expect from FDC United Educators Scheme.

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

One of the questions we often get asked is - Why does my educator need a service? The role of the service is to ensure that the Education and Care Services National Regulations, National Quality Standards and the service policies and procedures are met and maintained by Educators at all times.

FDC United Educators Scheme is a boutique service by choice. Our business strategy is ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ when it comes to education and care. We desire to remain a small service so as to be able to focus on restoring families and community faith in family day care. Being a smaller service allows us to better support our educators and families.

The educators feel not only supported but part of a business that values them. The coordinator is available to support the family day care educators in their work through regular contact both during and after business hours. Only a parent or educator will understand when I say that sometimes it is very difficult to speak on the phone whilst children are playing. Educators feel comfort knowing that if they have an issue and want to speak to someone they can reach out to us in the evening after all the children have gone home.

FDC United Educators Scheme works in collaboration with Educators, we provide regular visits to monitor the children’s progress and provide support and mentoring. We encourage our educators to be ‘unique’ and true to themselves. To run a family day care service that is true to the service philosophy and a cut above the rest.

We believe that every educator is amazing, if a service does not see an educator’s worth then perhaps it is them that is not worthy of the educator. Having previously been an educator we understand the importance of educators needing to feel job satisfaction. We provide the educators fun, interactive challenges throughout the year with prizes on offer. This not only creates a feeling of worth amongst the educators but also helps to keep their motivation throughout the year.

One of the comments we hear all the time from educators that call our office from other services is that they feel very ‘isolated’. Being part of a smaller service eliminates this feeling. Our educators do not feel alone, they are part of a family network of caring, supportive individuals. FDC United Educators Scheme welcomes the educator’s opinions at all times as a positive way for us to improve and grow together. We do not try to guess what is most important to our educators, we sit down with them to find out what they value. “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life” - Amy Poehler

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